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Our History

Beginnings of a Partnership

Via Anita Ruth and Raine had its beginnings in 2007 when Charlie received a call from a client looking to sell a unique home that was just completed in Rolling Hills. Knowing that this would be a very competitive listing, and that it would involve representing a very particular client, Charlie and Bill decided to combine their talents and resources. After successfully competing against three other teams to obtain the listing, they soon sold what was for over 10 years the highest sale ever in Palos Verdes. Over the next two years they teamed up on other listings before deciding that it was time to make it a full-time partnership.

Local Expertise & Unequalled Representation

Now, the combination of Three top agents from Three top companies in the South Bay provides their listings Unequalled Representation and Unequalled Exposure. That exposure, along with the respect of their real estate colleagues and the ability to relate to buyers the benefits of living in this beautiful city is what continues to make their partnership work. Having years of experience in the Palos Verdes area gives this duo the knowledge of the best times to sell and to buy. Bill, Charlie and Carissa are well connected in the community and have valuable relationships with buyers and sellers that create some of the most sought after homes in the county.

The Ruth And Raine Vision

Making sure that families find the right home, the right lifestyle, and the right neighborhood setting is very important to our team. That genuine connection with people and the community is one of the major foundations of their business. The Ruth and Raine team is always trying to raise the bar. “In applying that motto to real estate, the approach is simple: know your business, understand your customers’ expectations, use technology to deliver the message, and get the right kind of exposure for your clients.”

“We teach each other a lot – about real estate, about business trends and it serves to complement what we can each offer to our clients. Repeat customers and a strong referral network are essential to our success. We thoroughly believe in our home market and all that Palos Verdes and the South Bay has to offer. Living and working here is a true pleasure.”