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Ranch Style Properties For Sale

Looking At Ranch Properties For Sale

If you have ever looked at the housing market very closely, you know that the popularity of housing styles can come and go. However, one style that never seems to go off-trend is the ranch home. These homes traditionally appear in southern states, but they are also prevalent in other areas of the country, including right here in California. There are many benefits to a ranch home, but as you look through the properties for sale, it is important to understand what a ranch style house is and why you might want want one.

What Makes A Ranch Home

Ranch homes are a combination of Western styles and modernist ideals. The houses are usually one story, wide, and close to the ground. They can make a home look more rustic and rural, even in the middle of a city. When you are looking at different properties for sale, and you have an interest in a ranch home, these are some characteristics you will find.

Low Roofline

Ranch homes usually have 8-foot high rooflines, at least when they first came onto the scene. Many of the homes today have gone to 9-foot rooflines, but for the most part, the roofline is typically low.

Open Floor Plan

The homes aren’t generally separated into a lot of different rooms like a colonial house. The living room is also connected to the dining area and even the kitchen. The fluid line of sight allows you to see the whole floor from front to back, at once.

Attached Garage

Ranch style homes almost always have an attached garage that is designed to maximize efficiency and functionality. Not all ranch style homes have this feature, but it is a very common feature.

Large Windows

Ranch homes often feature large, picture windows and sliding glass doors. This lets in as much natural light as possible and showcases the beautiful, scenic views of the area.


On the other side of those sliding glass doors, there is often a patio for outdoor living. This style of home works great in this area because of the nice weather we get to enjoy for most of the year.

Benefits Of Ranch Properties For Sale

If you are considering a ranch property, there are many benefits to consider. Ranch homes are great for aging individuals or people who are taking care of aging relatives because there are no stairs to contend with. Generally, they are also more affordable. Since they are a popular style, they hold their value well and are easy to re-sell later. The spacious designs give a clean, airy feel that is easier to maintain long-term. The list of benefits and number of advantages goes on and on and for the right family.

Ruth And Raine Have Ranch Properties For Sale

Whether you have determined that ranch homes are for you or not, Ruth and Raine can help you find the right property for your needs. We would be happy to go over the entire list of benefits of ranch style homes, and help guide you to the right choice for your family’s needs. You can subscribe to our newsletter in order to get details on the real estate in the area or just give us a call and set up an appointment!