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The Best Way To Sell Horse Properties

Properly Put Your Horse Properties On The Market

Just like selling a home, selling horse properties can be a stressful process. Before you sell horse properties there are probably a few things you should know. You will likely have many of the same questions as you would selling a home. Most of these questions that come up still apply when selling horse properties. Check out these effective tips and tricks to get your horse properties up to date before listing them for sale.

First Impressions are Key

You can make an awesome first impression when selling your horse properties by doing some simple landscaping. Planting fresh flowers along the fence line or in front of the barn can really go a long way. If your fence is a bit outdated, you can give it a fresh coat of paint or do a few touch ups in order to make it more presentable. Non-functional equipment like waterers should be removed. Next, put down some gravel or sand around any waterers that remain. Fill in footpaths and walkways as well, that are prone to getting muddy when it rains. These are all fairly simple and cost-effective ways to give your property an update.

Spruce up the Barn

The barn can be the real selling point for horse properties. You want to make it look clean and inviting for your potential buyers. Most horse owners spend a lot of time in their barns, so this is the place to do any type of repairs that are needed. Replace broken windows, broken lighting, and any trim that is looking a bit dull. You’ll also want to repair or replace rain gutters that are sagging or leaking

Build Value with DIY Projects

You can really build the value of your horse properties with simple DIY projects. One of the most important things to keep in mind when selling a horse property is to make sure that the feeders are functional. Also, make sure that all stall doors are operating. Add a fresh coat of paint, if needed, to give it some shine. A great project that will really add value to your horse properties is replacing the roof if it is leaking or in need of repair. The same goes for existing siding. If the barn needs to be resided, this can be a great selling point for selling your horse property as well. You may also consider adding barn fans. Resurfacing the barn aisle is a great DIY project. Due to heavy traffic the barn aisle can look worn out, and not as attractive to buyers.

Be Sure to Add a Few Finishing Touches

Some great finishing touches include hanging beautiful artwork in your tack room. Get rid of the muck boots, and oil some of your leathers for an inviting smell. If your horse properties include other structures or equipment, consider giving them a little extra shine as well. Everything you can do, including the small details, to make your property more attractive to buyers will help you sell your horse properties.