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Our Top 6 Tips For Selling Horse Properties

Finding Buyers For Horse Properties

Have you outgrown your current horse property and are looking to upgrade? It won’t take long to see that this will be an entirely different real estate experience than you might be used to. Selling horse properties is nothing like selling typical residential property because you have to find such a specific kind of buyer with specific interests and needs. It’s not a general-public sort of sale. There are many things that can help you and these are just a few things to consider.

  1. Get A Good Agent

    The first thing you are going to need to draw attention to the property you are looking to sell is an agent who is connected to the local horse community. There are good agents all around, but not everyone will have activity within the horse community and that’s really what you need. You need someone who has friends who are horse trainers, barn builders, farmers, vets, and horse owners. They need to have a line into that community in order to find you the right buyer. They should also have clients who are looking for horse properties so they have people they can show around your land.

  2. Network At Equine Events

    Any time there is a horse-related event in your area, it’s a good chance to network and find buyers interested in horse properties in general. Whether you go, your realtor goes, or you somehow advertise your horse properties at the event, you need that connection in the right location in order to garner interest.

  3. Promote Horse Properties Using Flyers

    It is a good idea to suggest to your realtor to post flyers at tack shops and feed stores. This will be a good location to gain the attention of those who are interested in horse properties in the first place. You want someone who has horses and needs a place for them.

  4. Send Out Direct Mail Pieces

    You may also consider having your realtor send direct mail pieces to the target audience, horse lovers and owners. These people may not always be interested in the property, but they may know someone who is and be able to pass it along when they get the mailing on the horse properties.

  5. Make Sure To Maintain The Land

    As your expert realtor begins showing your horse properties, you need to keep the land in pristine condition. Granted, horse properties will never be completely spic and span clean, but it is important for your sale and for the overall sale price that your land is in good shape in every possible way. Fix the broken fences fast and clean up after the horses daily.

  6. Call Ruth & Raine

    The professional at Ruth & Raine have a combined 45 years of experience in the area, including with horse properties. When you want to sell your beautiful property to the right buyer, you must have the right realtor with the right connections. That’s what we’ll give to you. We’ve worked in the area for 40 years and we live here too, so we know it well. Give us a call for a consultation or with any questions you have.